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Laser treatment of teeth

Advantages of laser treatment of teeth Using modern technology in dentistry allows you to make treatment more effective, quick, safe and painless. The most progressive technologies include laser treatment of teeth. The diode laser allows to successfully combat diseases of both dental tissues and periodontal, it is easy to eliminate bad breath, change the color of teeth and get rid of bleeding gums.

We actively use the laser for various operations in the oral cavity, treatment of periodontal tissues, as well as endodontics (work with root canals).

Undeniable advantages of the laser

Absolute sterility. The use of the laser excludes the introduction of infection and inadequate reaction of the body (which occurs, for example, because of allergy to medicines). High temperature in the area of ​​operation allows you to limit the use of antibiotics and other medications.
Possibility to conduct operations without anesthesia. It is convenient for both the doctor and the patient: the treatment passes quickly and painlessly.
«Bloodlessness.» Due to the influence of high temperature, the protruding blood coagulates very quickly, which greatly facilitates the operation and does not bring any discomfort to the patient.
High accuracy. The dentist gets the opportunity to work only on the affected tissue and generally do not touch healthy areas.
Speed ​​of operations and patient recovery. Postoperative discomfort in this case is practically absent: so, after therapy, you can safely eat, and the absence of anesthesia eliminates the need to experience unpleasant sensations.
The use of laser in dentistry is very wide: in our clinic these technologies are used for the following operations:

Treatment of the oral cavity
Frenuloplasty. The change in the length or shape of the bridles is sometimes necessary to ensure the correct development of the bite. The laser intervention in this case is most effective.
Getting rid of papillomas. Occurrence of extraneous formations in the oral cavity is unpleasant and not aesthetically pleasing: the laser allows excising the papillomas, eliminating them without a trace.
Stop bleeding in the mouth. As mentioned above, the high processing temperature promotes rapid blood coagulation.
Removal of ulcers, treatment of leukoplakia of the tongue and other soft tissues.
Periodontal healing
Treatment of the gingival pockets. They occur with periodontal diseases and serve as a source of accumulation of decomposing food particles. With the help of laser pockets can be effectively cleaned.

Healing of wounds.
Endodontics (canal treatment)
Cleaning sterilization of the canals of teeth before filling. The shape of the channel is practically irrelevant.
Removal of fistulas on gums.
Treatment of granulomas, cysts. These dangerous formations previously served as an undeniable reason for tooth extraction — now they can be eliminated directly through the canal.
The laser is useful in implantation: with its help it is possible to expose painlessly the plugs of implants for the subsequent installation of a crown prosthesis.

The use of the laser is particularly convenient for teeth whitening. The patient does not have to sit for a long time in the dental chair, and the process of bleaching still lasts during the day with his usual life, without unpleasant sensations.

The only, if it is possible to say so, lack of treatment with laser beams is the high price of this service. However, the effectiveness of treatment allows you not to regret the money spent. Moreover: when choosing a dental center, you should not give preference to options that expose the cheapest price tag: as a rule, this is due to the lack of really high-quality equipment or not the highest qualification of doctors. Address to our salon — and the operation is guaranteed to pay off: timely intervention with the help of advanced technologies will allow the patient to solve all his problems and achieve an ideal state of teeth!

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